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Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System Review

aquasana shower filter review

There are many shower water filter systems on the market. There are several things to look for if you are planning on purchasing one. You want a water filter that is easy to install and durable, and you also want one that is going to purify your water. Some shower water filter systems will simply soften the water, but if you are making an investment like this you want a bit more than that.

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System with Adjustable Showerhead

We recommend this shower water filter system because it goes above and beyond when it comes to water purification. It uses a granular copper/zinc and coconut shell carbon replaceable water filter to eliminate chlorine, heavy metals and a variety of volatile organic chemicals and contaminants. It also softens the water and enhances the water’s pH. After taking a shower with the Aquasana Shower Water Filter, you will feel as if you were just swimming in a natural spring.

We’ve previously written about the harmful effects of chlorine, metals, and volatile organic chemicals in our water, whether that water is for drinking or for bathing. For those who can’t afford to install an entire home system, this filter purifies your shower water and it does so without sacrificing water pressure or changing the height of your showerhead.

The Aquasana Filter is also relatively easy to install, requiring no tools, although even Aquasana will admit that a pair of pliers will make it much easier.

A few things to note about this device: if you are trying to install this product and you have old plumbing or shower fixtures, this might not be the best option for you. In fact, if you have old plumbing, you might want to upgrade that first before installing any kind of shower water filter. Another thing to keep in mind, make sure you have enough distance between the shower head and the wall (at least 8 inches) to install this filter.

Each filter lasts for 10,000 gallons of use, which translates to roughly 6 months worth of showers. Filters are easily replaceable and you can buy both the shower water filter and the filters themselves from Amazon.com.

At a price tag of over $50, this product may seem like an expensive investment. But consider that many home water filter systems can cost close to $1,000. If you were to purchase the Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System and then buy a good countertop filter or a combination filter and dispenser you would essentially be set with all of your home water purification needs.

Shower water filters are one of the easiest ways to purify your water. Considering most of us take at least one shower a day, and typically that shower lasts at least a couple of minutes, sometimes longer, it is important to do so with the best water possible. Water that is free of chlorine and contaminants, water vapor that is safe for you to inhale, and water that is good for your skin. After a shower, you should feel rejuvenated. You shouldn’t feel like you were just breathing in a chemical.

Do you use this shower water filter? Are there any other products you’ve used before or recommend? We’d love to hear about it. Feel free to tell us in the comments below or by sending us a message on the contact page

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