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Water Purification Basics


Much of our content discusses different aspects of purifying water, but we have never really explained what the term means to us.

Furthermore, it would be worthwhile to explain the difference between water purification and water treatment. There is a big reason why our site’s title says purification and not treatment, but the difference might not be obvious, especially to those that are just discovering this topic for the first time.

Water purification is the process in which you filter out or remove a variety of substances (whether they be particulate matter, harmful contaminants, or chemicals like chlorine) to create water that is desirable.

Desirable is the key word here. The aim is to create water that you want to drink. Water that tastes good and smells fresh. Ideally, the water should be pure to a point where it is indistinguishable from spring water. Obviously, that objective is not always within reach, but the point is that purification is an attempt to get there.

Water treatment, on the other hand, is the process of creating water that is acceptable to drink. In other words, the objective is to create water that won’t make you sick when you drink it. This is of course important, especially for people who are in travel situations where the access to potable water is limited. The first priority is always potable water. Purification then goes a step further.

We like to think of water purification as setting the bar a bit higher. It’s an attempt to reach for a higher standard. The good news is that this standard is often achievable and in many cases, it’s easier than most people think.

We’ve created this site to show you that anyone can drink pure water without going broke and without having to live on top of a fresh water spring. Whether it’s for the home or even for travel, there are plenty of options for finding or creating water that is not only potable, but desirable – something you would actually look forward to drinking.

For specific recommendations, take some time to browse around the site. We recently posted a more comprehensive look at all the water purification options for the home, which outlines a variety of different price points and products. In the travel arena, we recently discussed the Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter, which we’ve become really big fans of over the past several months.

One final note about water purification: it may not always be convenient or inexpensive. Depending on your local water supply or your travel situation, you may have to make a more substantial investment in your efforts to drink pure water. In our opinion, this is most definitely worth it. Drinking water that tastes and smells good and water that does not contain a host of harmful substances, is good for both your physical and mental health. Water makes up a good part of our body mass. There is no reason not to drink the best water possible.

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