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Is SmartWater actually more effective at hydrating you than regular water?

is SmartWater better than regular water?

SmartWater have hit a home run with their marketing and packaging efforts. The simple but elegant blue and transparent bottles, the anecdotes on the label, the talk of electrolytes – there is a lot to convince the average consumer that they are buying a superior product. But are any of their claims true? Not exactly.

In fact, there are two major issues to explore with SmartWater. One of them concerns hydration, and the other deals with the quality of the water itself.

Where are all those electrolytes?

no electrolytes in SmartWater?

SmartWater claims to be smart because of the electrolytes supplied by the water. Of course, these electrolytes are not naturally occurring, and SmartWater says that they add them as part of the fabrication process. However, they mention in the nutrition facts that the electrolytes are added for taste. Why would I want electrolytes for taste? I want them for hydration!

A closer analysis of the label reveals that there is 0mg of sodium in SmartWater. I’m sorry, but you cannot promise superior hydration with talk of electrolytes and then offer a product that has absolutely no measurable quantity of sodium in it. If you go to a pharmacy or an outdoor recreation store, you can buy oral rehydration salts. You will notice that these products have a carefully measured blend of sugars and salts. When you drink them, you will taste that hint of sodium in there.

Conclusion: SmartWater does not do anything to provide more hydration than regular water.

Where does the water in SmartWater come from?

You may think that SmartWater is spring water. It’s not. They dress up the water with terms like “vapor-distilled,” but really it’s just filtered tap water. Yep, that’s right.

SmartWater is actually tap water

Read the last paragraph carefully. Most SmartWater comes from municipal water supplies! (Read the whole PDF file here on their website. Ok, sure, they filter and distill the water, but that’s something you can actually do yourself in your own home.

SmartWater has a pretty bottle and a slick marketing campaign. However, if you buy a bottle, you are paying for dressed up tap water that has an insignificant quantity of electrolytes. You may still be inclined to do that. Hey, maybe a pretty bottle goes a long way for you. But hopefully you are – at the very least – more informed after reading this article.

If you have any thoughts about this product or any other that makes similar claims, sound off in the comments below. As always, if you have proof to the contrary of what we have said above, please share that, too.

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