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Lifesaver Bottle Review

lifesaver bottle review

We have previously reviewed the SteriPEN Traveler and the Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter. Both products are ideal for travel. Today, we will look at another portable water filter, one that is popular and recommended by many people.

Like the Katadyn Microfilter, the Lifesaver Bottle does not come cheap, but there is a reason why it is priced higher than products like the SteriPEN. At the same time, this product may not be the dream come true that some people seem to profess.

The Lifesaver Bottle works by using a 15 nanometer filter to remove everything harmful from the water. Fifteen nanometers is extraordinarily small and it will dispatch all manner of contaminants, including viruses. While the 15 nanometer filter is the center piece, the Lifesaver also comes with a pre-disc filter and a carbon filter.

The pre-disc filter serves to remove larger bits of sediment while the carbon filter takes care of chemicals and helps render the water free of foul tastes and odors. All of this sounds great, but how does it actually perform?


In addition to the positive assets mentioned above, here are a few more great features of this product. The Lifesaver Bottle is great because you can literally dip it into any water source and feel comfortable about the end product. In addition, it works remarkably fast, filtering 750ml of water in less than a minute. It is relatively lightweight at 22 ounces (that includes the weight of the filter cartridge as well). Finally, each cartridge has a relatively long life and the replacements are not very expensive (check with a recreation/camping store or look at sites like Amazon.com)


Design flaws are often cited with the Lifesaver Bottle. While we have never experienced these personally, several reviewers on sites like Amazon have reported leaking from the bottom. This may be a concern to look into. When contacting the Lifesaver Bottle company about this, they responded that those complaints are exceptionally rare. This response is, of course, to be expected.

Another complaint, and one that we have experienced, is that the Lifesaver often gives the water a plastic taste. This happened to us on several occasions, although it can definitely be mitigated if all the steps are followed to prepare the device for filtration.

All in all, the Lifesaver Bottle is a durable and effective product and it does the promised job. In our opinion, the product is well made and does not leak. The plastic-like taste of water that sometimes occurs can be avoided if you take care to prime the device and at the end of the day, it does such a good job of filtering everything, including viruses, that it’s worth the price tag.

We would take it over the SteriPEN because it does not depend on any batteries or electronic parts and thankfully, it is a bit cheaper than the Katadyn Microfilter, which is above the $200 range. If you need to purify your water in a travel or wilderness situation, this is the product you want.

If you have any experience with the Lifesaver Bottle, please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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