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Cheap and Affordable Water Purification Options

Cheap water purifiers

Filtering your water does not have to be expensive. As we’ve explained repeatedly on this site, there are many options and you can scale up as needed or as you can afford it. This post will explore some of the more budget options that exist for getting the purest water possible in your home.

Start at the kitchen sink

The first place you want to start think about purifying your tap water is at the kitchen sink. This is where most of your drinking water is sourced and it’s also used for cooking and other tasks. We previously took a look at faucet filters vs. pitcher filters. Both of these are affordable options, but you can secure a pitcher filter for the lowest price. This is a good starting point and one that you can implement without any installation or outside help.

Check out the PUR DS 1800z for an excellent and highly affordable pitcher filter.

Purify your shower water

Got the kitchen sink covered? Good. Now let’s see if we can’t purify your shower water. Earlier, we reviewed a great Aquasana shower filter that we are big fans of. You can read our aquasana review here. This is a product that costs less than $100 and it will reliably filter out contaminants and chlorine from your water.

Get fresh spring water

The idea of getting fresh spring water sounds expensive, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be. You can source it from a variety of places and yes, some of them are actually free. You may find yourself surprised by how easy it is. That said, it can also be inconvenient depending on where you live. It’s definitely an option worth considering, however, because spring water is often the richest and most healthy water that you can find.

Scale up

Once you get your feet wet with water purification, you can start to scale up. You can upgrade to a more substantial filter in the kitchen, perhaps a reverse osmosis system like the tap master. Or you can even look into whole house systems that will purify the entire water supply (all taps, showers, etc.). This is of course more of an investment and it can sometimes involve outside help for the installation process. You may find that you do indeed want to scale up, however, once you taste how pure your water is and you realize that you would like it to be that way in the whole house.

If you have any specific recommendations or products when it comes to cheap water purification options, feel free to drop a note in the comments below.

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