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Celebrate World Water Day 2014

water desalination plant

World Water Day is an annual event to raise awareness of global water issues and to advocate for policies that promote sustainable and equitable water distribution. It is organized by the United Nations.

This year, the focus is on the “bottom billion,” that portion of the global population that lives in slums and informal housing. It is this population that is most vulnerable to water issues. Often there is no sanitation system where they live. Their water goes untreated and outbreaks of water borne diseases are regular occurrences.

While the UN claims to have their own plan of action for bringing about sustainable change with respect to global water access, we at Water Purification HQ have a few thoughts of our own.

If you want to give to a water project, who do you send your money to?

Simply put, we are fans of charity : water because of their straightforward approach. They work to give communities access to a sustainable water source and they do so with effective, targeted programming efforts. They do not have bloated overhead costs and they run an efficient operation. Most importantly, they are focused. They are not a NGO that tries to do everything from education to health care to water access. They deal with water. Period. So if you want to do something for World Water Day that you can feel good about it, send some money their way.

Take a moment to give thanks

If you are reading this website there is a good chance that you have access to potable water in your house. That right there already puts you ahead of approximately 1 BILLION people on the planet. If you have a water filter or if you drink spring water then you are in the very top percentile of human beings as far as consumption of pure water.

Did we mention toilets and sewage and storm water drains? If you don’t have waste water running into your drinking water supply, then once again you are at an advantage compared to millions of people around the world.

We’re not going to mention hot showers, because that just seems a bit extravagant at this point.

If you really want to experience what it is like for so many others, fill up a large bucket of water and tell yourself that is your water supply for the day. You need to use the water in the bucket to wash your dishes, brush your teeth, drink, bathe, and to do whatever other task may require a little h2o. It’s only one day. Give it a shot. It will give you some perspective on this World Water Day.

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