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5 Reasons Why you Should Filter and Purify your Tap Water

reasons to purify your drinking water

For those of you unconvinced that purifying the water in your home is a good idea, this article is for you. The fact is, there are more than 5 reasons to take the purification of your tap water seriously. We’ve listed what we consider to be the top 5, but feel free to add your own in the comments. While some of these reasons may seem obvious, most people seem to overlook them.

Municipal water treatment doesn’t catch everything

When you drink tap water you are relying upon a municipal system of water treatment. This system is generally reliable and in most places, it incorporates a combination of serious filtration with chlorine acting as a disinfectant. However, municipal water treatment, like anything else, can fail. Plants can get overwhelmed during times of heavy rain and even in normal conditions, there is a chance of organisms getting past the chlorine (for example, cryptosporidium.

There is no reason to rely entirely on municipal water treatment. Add another layer of water purification and you will help ensure that you won’t end up with a water borne illness.

Tap water contains contaminants

In addition to the fact that public water treatment doesn’t catch everything, there is the fact that tap water contains contaminants. There are levels of contaminants that are deemed “acceptable” by the EPA, but why would you want any amount of a hazardous substance in your drinking water?

Furthermore, chlorine is effective as a disinfectant, no one would dispute that, but it’s also a toxic chemical. If you filter it out of your tap water, you will still get the benefits of its disinfectant properties (it will have already killed most everything before it comes out of your tap), but you won’t get any of the negative health consequences that go with it.

Water purification is affordable

A simple pitcher filter and dispenser will run you less than $50. In fact, our preferred counter top filter is the PUR DS 1800z, which costs less than $30. Replacement filters are significantly less and you don’t need to purchase them often. It’s true that some filter systems are more expensive, such as the Tap Master reverse osmosis system, but you can get the job done with a counter top filter and a smaller investment.

Filters and purifiers are easy to maintain

You don’t need to be a hydrologist nor do you need to have any plumbing experience to maintain a filter or purifier. They are incredibly simple to use and most contain built in meters so you can easily see when a filter needs to be replaced. In general, most filters have been made idiot proof and unless you are installing a complicated home system, maintenance is a cinch.

The water just tastes better

Don’t underestimate this reason. Water that is odorless and pure tastes better. You will end up drinking more of it. You may actually find that drinking water is a pleasant experience! This reason may be the easiest to overlook. Most people prioritize their health and understandably so. But close your eyes and imagine water that tastes like it’s just come out of a spring. Surely, there’s room for this reason as well.

Feel free to share your own reasons in the comments. There are certainly plenty more that we haven’t listed here. If you are looking for specific recommendations for a filter, we would suggest taking some time to browse around the site or get in touch with us on the contact page.

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