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The Best Portable Water Purifier Right Now

MSR Guardian Water Purifier

Everyone, especially outdoor enthusiasts, has their opinion on water filters and purifiers. Sometimes it’s a small design quirk that attracts certain users or pushes others away. Today we have one of those rare cases where I think we can all agree on something: the MSR Guardian is simply the best portable water purifier on the […] Read More


Why does my tap water taste like dirt?

water tastes like dirt

So your water tastes like dirt. Does that mean there is dirt in the water? Not necessarily. There are many possible reasons for water tasting like dirt, but there is one likely culprit in the majority of cases, and you have likely never even heard of it. It turns out, your water doesn’t taste like […] Read More


PUR vs. ZeroWater

PUR vs. ZeroWater

Two of the most popular water filtration brands go head to head in this article. Below you will find a comparative analysis looking at effectiveness, design, cost, durability and taste. As with our other head to head match-ups, we make a clear recommendation. For the purposes of accurate comparison, we will look at the 23 […] Read More


How to Tell if your Water is Hard or Soft?

is your home drinking water hard or soft?

Most people have heard the terms “hard water” and “soft water,” but few actually know the difference between the two. Even fewer people know what do about their water if they find out that it is excessively hard or soft. We have you covered in this article. 1. Make the diagnosis In general, it is […] Read More

how to avoid brain eating amoebas

In 2014, Jordan Smelski and his father swam for hours in a hot spring in Costa Rica. While everyone else who swam in the hot spring that day, including Jordan’s father, did not experience any issues afterwards, Jordan became seriously ill. Less than 72 hours later, he was dead. The hot spring where Jordan was […] Read More

is SmartWater better than regular water?

SmartWater have hit a home run with their marketing and packaging efforts. The simple but elegant blue and transparent bottles, the anecdotes on the label, the talk of electrolytes – there is a lot to convince the average consumer that they are buying a superior product. But are any of their claims true? Not exactly. […] Read More

algal blooms affecting drinking water

If you are an American citizen and you follow the news, you probably heard about an algae outbreak in Lake Erie this past summer. If you found yourself in northwest Ohio, you were most certainly aware, because it directly affected your drinking water supply. For Ohio, this was unprecedented. Turning off the taps because of […] Read More


ZeroWater Filter Review

ZeroWater filter review

We would love to say that ZeroWater pitcher filters are high-performing, well-designed and long-lasting. It would be great to see a company break up the Brita and PUR gridlock that sits atop the world of low cost water filters. Sadly, we cannot give it our full endorsement. Here’s the deal: ZeroWater filters have been NSF […] Read More


Can Fracking Affect Water Quality?

Fracking, also known as induced hydraulic fracturing, is a mining technique that is currently in vogue around the world. That’s because it allows mining companies to extract oil from places that were once thought to be off limits. The technique works as follows: water is mixed with sand and chemicals and then this mixture injected […] Read More


The Best Drinking Water in America

the best drinking water in America

There is always lots of debate over which city and state has the best tap water in America. The fact is, tap water is not perfect anywhere. While some may succeed with respect to taste, they may fail with the presence of certain tasteless contaminants. For the purposes of this post, we will try to […] Read More

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